Learn more about AisleLok Baffle Doors

The AisleLok modular containment solution is not only afforable, but ridiculously easy to install. Powerful magnets make adding server rack baffles and containment doors a breeze. Select Vertical Baffles for Hot Aisles and Angled Baffles for Cold Aisles! The AisleLok modular containment series addresses the amazing amount of bypass airflow in the data center. Quickly add bi-directional doors to your aisles and server rack baffling without paying for construction or redesigning your entire data center.

  • Fits common rack widths, allowing for easy ordering. Order 42u / 24" exterior cabinet width options online. Order other widths and heights over the phone.
  • Baffling Widths Include: 24", 30", 31.5"
  • Bi-Directional Doors Include: 42u, 45u, 48u, 50u
  • No tools, engineers or construction crews necessary. Installs directly out-of-the-box.
  • Magnets quickly attach to server rack cabinets.
  • Adjustable magnetic mounting tails can be positioned to fit the top of most cabinets
  • Angled Baffles for Cold Aisles, Vertical Baffles for Hot Aisles
  • Made of UL94 flame resistant materials
  • Reduces exhaust air recirculation, reduces bypass airflow, and reduces energy costs.
  • AisleLok doors improve cooling airflow, which allows for higher rack densities and increased reliability of IT equipment.

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