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Rack Rails Rackmount Rails for DELL PowerEdge Servers – Slide Rail & Fixed Rail Mounting Kits

DELL PowerEdge Rackmount Rails, DELL Server Mounting Kits

We offer a wide range of third party rackmount rails for the DELL PowerEdge server family. Our high quality Dell rack rails are available in slide rail, fixed rail mounting, extensions, and adapters that providing an outstanding solution for your DELL PowerEdge server.

Our rackmount rail solutions include support work with any hole type and are available with cable management and a wide selection of mounting configurations.

Dell PowerEdge Servers

Model PE R710 PE R610 PE R410 PE R300
Slide Rails 2URAIL-R7-CMA 1URAIL-R6-CMA    
Fixed Rails 2UBRK-R7 1UKIT-109 1UBRK-R4 1UBRK-R300
Adapters     1UKIT-R4  
Model PE 2950 PE 2850 PE 2650 PE 2550,
PE 2450
Slide Rails 2URAIL-2950
2URAIL-2850 2URAIL-2650  
Fixed Rails 2UBRK-2950 2UKIT-109 2UBRK-2450-2550-2650 2UBRK-2450-2550-2650
Adapters 2URAIL-2950-EARS      
Model PE 1950 PE 2900 PE 1850 PE 750
Slide Rails     1URAIL-1850  
Fixed Rails 1UBRK-R300 3UKIT-109 1UKIT-109 1URAIL-750
Adapters 1URAIL-1950-EARS 5URAIL-2900-EARS    
Model C1100 R810 R510 R210
Slide Rails        
Fixed Rails C1100 R810 R510 R210, R210-II
Model 2950, 2970, R540 R210    
Slide Rails   R210    
Fixed Rails 2950, 2970, R540      
Model PowerApp 120, PowerEdge 1550 PowerApp 100, PowerApp 110,PowerEdge 350
Adapters 1UKIT-105 1UKIT-103

Made in America
RoHS Compliant