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Tripp Lite SmartPro Small UPS 500VA-750VA

Tripp Lite's SmartPro intelligent line-interactive rack / tower UPS helps to prevent power outages, voltage fluctuations and surges, all of which can result in data loss, downtime and equipment damage. These UPS systems are ideal for an office, network closet or small business.

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TrippLite UPS SmartPro

TrippLite UPS SmartPro


TrippLite UPS SmartPro

TrippLite UPS SmartPro


TrippLite UPS SmartPro

TrippLite UPS SmartPro

TrippLite UPS SmartPro - LCD

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The Tripp Lite SmartPro line-interactive rack/tower series of UPS systems supports remote monitoring of the UPS, includes a PowerAlert monitoring system, and features network level AC surge suppression to protect equipment from damaging transient surges or line noise.

SmartPro rack/tower UPS systems provide more power for less rack space. With built in communication ports you can manage multiple servers without additional accessories.

Download Tripp Lite SmartPro UPS Tripp Lite UPS SmartPro Brochure
Download Tripp Lite SmartPro SMART500RT1U UPS Tripp Lite SMART500RT1U Specs
Download Tripp Lite SmartPro SMART750RM1U UPS Tripp Lite SMART750RM1U Specs
Download Tripp Lite SmartPro SMART750RMXL2U UPS Tripp Lite SMART750RMXL2U Specs

Tripp Lite SmartPro Features:

  • 500 - 5,000VA available over the phone
  • Nominal Input / Output Voltage: 120 Volt (60Hz)
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Rack, Tower, or Stack units
  • Protect against noise and surges
  • Manage multiple servers
  • Control individual outlets
  • Extend runtime with external battery packs
  • 6+ 5-15R outlets on each model
  • All models include accessory card slot, 10 ft. input cord, 19in 4-Post Rack mounting hardware, PowerAlert software with USB & EPO cabling
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Cisco Compatible
  • Tested to UL1778 (USA); Tested to CSA (Canada); Meets FCC Part 15 Category A (EMI)
  • 2-Year Warranty, 3-Year with Registration

  Description Dimensions U Space UPS Outlets Surge Only Price
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500VA / 300W Line Interactive UPS
17.32 "w
11.26 "d
1U 6 (5-15R) 1 (5-15R)

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750VA / 600W Line Interactive UPS
1U 6 (5-15R) - $389.99
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750VA / 600W Line Interactive UPS
LCD, Extended Runtime Available
2U 6 (5-15R) - $399.99