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232RIMS Remote Sensor

The RS-232 RIMS connects to your power strip’s RS-232 port and reports power variable information to the RPM Console Manager (CM) letting you monitor from a distance!



Power Strip Management, Remote Power Management
Power Strip Management, Remote Power Management
Power Strip Management, Remote Power Management

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Don’t spend money replacing power strips with newer and more expensive IP addressable models.

With most power strip models, the RS-232 RIMS can also turn on/off/reboot individual receptacles. It can also be programmed to automatically send out a command to the power strip during an alarm condition. For example, if the temperature is too high the RS-232 RIMS can automatically turn off a server before it overheats (built-in temperature sensor).

Ships with ServerTech firmware and just needs to be loaded for the PDU family being used (a process taking less then a minute).

Each RIMS is a Daisy Chain Sensor®, so multiple RIMS can be plugged into any RPM Console Manager (CM) sensor port. RIMS can be up to 1000 ft. away from the RPM CM with no external power needed.

Because each RIMS can store its own readings, there is no data logging delays. Each RIMS has a battery backed clock so you can be assured each data point is properly recorded.

RIMS generate events when internally monitored thresholds are broken. The events can be communicated by the RPM CM via e-mail, SNMP trap, or SMS modem. The RPM CM stores alarm logs and graphs the RIMS stored data.

232 RIMS Features Include:

  • Monitor and Control third party power strips: APC®, Eaton®, Liebert®, BayTech®, ServerTech®, Powerware®
  • Temperature sensor included (Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin scale
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Remote Sensor RS-232 RIMS (1 port)
3 lbs