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2 Port Power RIMS

With our built in temperature sensor, manage your current load and voltage to send alerts during alarming conditions using our 2 Port Power RIMS.

Network Power Management, Remote Power Monitor
Network Power Management, Remote Power Monitor
Network Power Management, Remote Power Monitor

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2 Port Power RIMS Features:

  • Power on/off/reboot 120V-250V x 2 power outlets
  • Monitor current draw on each outlet
  • 2 IEC Connections
  • Change in RIMS power does not change outlet state
  • Each outlet is independent
  • Each outlet can change state on other sensor events
  • Temperature sensor included

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Additional Information

This remote power monitor can be used to manage current load and voltage to send out alerts or to automatically respond to an alarm condition, such as excess temperatures. The 2 Port Power Remote Intelligent Multi Sensor® (RIMS) can monitor separate devices regardless of the voltage and takes network power management to a new level.

In today’s environment one needs to manage power and energy consumption for safely of equipment and also as an area where money can be saved. Data center managers need solutions that monitor, track, and manage IT equipment. The Two Port Power RIMS provides network power management including alerting capabilities for:
- Current Load (A)
- Voltage (V)

Each IEC port is independent and can run 120-250V regardless of what voltage the other port is running. The Two Port Power RIMS can be programmed to automatically turn on/off/reboot during an alarm condition. For example, if temperature is too high, the Two Port Power RIMS can automatically turn off a server before it overheats (temperature sensor is included).

Each RIMS is a Daisy Chain Sensor®, so multiple RIMS can be plugged into any RPM Console Manager (CM) sensor port. RIMS can be up to 1000 ft. away from the RPM CM with no external power needed.

Each RIMS has a battery backed clock and generates time-stamped events when thresholds are broken. The events can be communicated by the RPM Console Manager via e-mail, SNMP trap, or SMS modem. The Console Manager also stores alarm logs and graphs the RIMS stored data.

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SENSOR - 2 port Intelligent Power Strip
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