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Hotlok Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip

The HotLok® Blanking Panel is a snap-in server rack blanking panel that seals the rack at 99.97% effeciency. See the difference in server rack temperature with temperature strips.


Hotlok Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip - 1U

Hotlok Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip - 2U

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The cabinet temperatures are indicated in color-coded ranges, depending on location of temperature strip panel.

HotLok® Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip is Upsite’s latest GREEN solution for energy savings and reducing the carbon footprint of data centers.

How to Install HotLok Blanking Panels

HotLok BP with Temperature Strip Use:
  • Use 1U and 2U versions on cabinets with standard 19-inch rail widths (483 millimeter)
  • Use with any standard EIA-310-E openings
  • Determine the temperature at that position in the cabinet or install throughout to determine the range of temperatures from the top to the bottom of the cabinets
  • Use in a Hot and Cold Aisle layout for low or high heat density cabinets
  • Use in existing cabinets for optimization and standardization
  • Identify temperatures within a particular range, accurate to within +/- 1° C:
    • Blue: Recommended Operating Range based on recommendations from ASHRAE
    • Yellow: Allowable Operating Range based on equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for Class 1 IT equipment
    • Red: Outside Allowable Operating Range, indicates a definite risk
    HotLok BP with Temperature Strip Features:

    • Cantilevered sealing vanes eliminate the gap between adjoining Blanking Panels or with installed equipment
    • Tool-free, snap-in installationrequires no additional parts or components for installation
    • Easy-pull removal for any EIA-310-E standard openings using ergonomically designed finger grips
    • 1U Panels packed 10 to the carton, 2U Panels packed 5 to the carton for easy storage and ready availability
    • Upsite® Temperature Strip color-coded temperature ranges indicates potential hotspots by color based on ASHRAE Standard
    • HotLok® Blanking Panels with Temperature Strips are a prerequisite to all cooling configurations best practices including hot and cold aisle containment

    Made in America
    RoHS Compliant
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    Hotlok 1U Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip (10 Pack)
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    Hotlok 2U Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip (5 Pack)
    Part No. 10038
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