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ePDU (Eaton Enclosure PDU)

Discover great Eaton ePDU options with the help of Rackmount Solutions

What is an ePDU? Eaton ePDUs or enclosure PDUs are power distribution units designed for quality and reliability. Eaton’s advanced ePDU technologies include design flexibility for a range of applications, automatic transfer switching, and power monitoring.

ePDU, Eaton PDU ePDU, Eaton PDU

Monitored ePDUs
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Eaton Monitored ePDUs allow all users to remotely monitor the current draw of the unit and individual sections of the unit.

Advanced Monitored ePDUs
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Eaton Advanced Monitored ePDU provide outlet-level monitoring of power usage in kilo-watt hours.

ePDU, Eaton PDU

Switched ePDUs
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Eaton switched ePDU provides remote power monitoring of both voltage and current.