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Cruxial Server Racks

Cruxial™ Series Rackmount Products

The most flexible racking products for static or changing applications.

You need flexibility, quality, timely delivery and no hassle. We hear you.

Rackmount Solutions has been ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified since 2008. Guarantees our customer consistent results, and documents our processes and procedures so you receive the best quality products, service and value for your money.

Cruxial™ RS SERIES Server Rack / Server Cabinet RSP Perforated Cruxial Server Rack Series FRS Series Cruxial Server Rack Cabinet
Cruxial™ RS SERIES
Server Rack / Server Cabinet
with Lexan door and vented back

Server Rack / Server Cabinet with
fully perf front and rear doors for
maximum air flow.

Server Rack / Cabinet with
vented Lexan door and
perforated rear door
Cruxial™ Portable Table Top Server Rack / Cabinet 42u & 24u - 4 Post Server Rack VRS vertical wall rack allows room to walk past equipment
Cruxial™ Portable Table
Top Server Rack / Cabinet
3, 6, 9, 12, 15u
supports equipment up to 32.5"d
Cruxial™ RS-4Post Rack
9u, 12u, 24u, 42u, 55u
expands from 21 - 35"d
supports 3000+ lbs.
Cruxial™ VRS/VRP Vertical
Wallmount Rack allows up to 30"d long
servers to hang virtually flat against the wall.
4, 6, 8u. Plexi or Solid Window
Air Conditioned Racks Cruxial Cable Network Rack Co-Location Racks
Cruxial Cooler™
Air Conditioned Cabinet
2K BTU to 20K BTU
Rackmount and Sidemount

Cruxial Cable™
Extra width for large cable bundles
Rails move left to right, front to back

Cruxial CoLo™
2, 3, or 4 bays
Complete separation, front/rear doors

Network Rack for Cisco side vent switches
Cruxial Small 9 and 12u open server rack frame
Open 6 Rail Server Rack Frame
Cruxial™ Switch Network RackNetwork Rack for
Cisco's Nexus™, MDS™
side vent switches

Cruxial™ Small 19" 4 Post Server Rack
Small rack fits under desks,
tables or on to of work benches

Cruxial ™ Heavy Duty 4 Post Rack
Supports 2500 lbs static
Standard (3) sets of aluminum square hole vertical mounting rails, casters, levelers
URack mounts to wall or under table, Wallmount Racks 

Cruxial™ U-Rack Series
Wall Mount Rack or Under Table Mount
Rackmount vertically or horizontally, depth not an issue



Cruxial™ enclosures, adjustable for your changing needs, have flexibilities so your rack grows with your equipment.

  • Easy ... a plexi door today can be replaced with a perforated door next year if airflow needs change.
  • Proven ... in use in thousands of IT/DataCenter installations ranging from Fortune 500, Small/Medium Business and Government.
  • Save Time ... your time is expensive. Racks ship fully assembled, unpack and rack.
The Cruxial Cable™'s rails move front to back as well as left to right.
  • Versatile ... hundreds of cables drop down the right side today? Next location may need to be on the left side or down the middle. This rack handles it with ease. Guaranteed.
  • Dependable ... patented extruded aluminum rack rails are strong on a sturdy, safe steel frame.
The Cruxial™ Portable Table Series
  • Quality ... this is not a flimsy, kick-it-in cabinet of 20 gauge steel. Secure!
  • Flexible ... on top or under a desk, table or workstation.
  • Your Way ... don't be forced into buying product you don't need. Options such as fans, casters, power strips keep your costs low.
The Cruxial™ RS-4POSTRACK
  • Strong ... supports up to 3000 lbs
  • Frugal... rack adjusts from 21" to 35"d. A fixed rack needs to be replaced with new equipment purchases.
  • FREE ... bottom expandable plates act as a free shelf.
Cruxial™ Vertical Wallmount Rack mounts equipment up to 30"d almost flat against a wall.
  • Save Space ... wallmounts in a closet, over a desk, in a classroom or conference room
  • Cool ... vents or optional fans at bottom, draw hot air out, no overheating.
  • Choices ... 4, 6, or 8u. Put your 28"d server AND a rackmount UPS.

Manufactured in the USA, you can buy these products with complete confidence. Field tested for years, no surprises.