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Aisle Airflow Management by AisleLok

Designed to block bypass airflow in your data center aisle to maximize cooling performance. Research conducted by Upsite Technologies reveals that up to 60% of conditioned air is lost due to bypass airflow. Unsealed floor openings are the main cause of cooled air not reaching the air intake of IT equipment, contributing to low cooling efficiency and higher cooling costs.

AisleLok products specifically address bypass airflow and subsequent effects on data center cooling. By sealing various openings in the aisle, cooling efficiency is increased to maximize equipment reliability. Place at the base of your server racks and feel the difference!

Acrycell Sealing Tape
Acrycell Sealing Tape
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Blocks bypass airflow between equipment racks and enclosures. Using Upsite's sealing tape increases cooling, improves equipment life, and reduces cooling expenses.
Under Rack Panel
Under Rack Panel
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Designed to seal various openings under the rack on new and existing raised server racks. Easily peal and stick on your server rack in seconds and start feeling the air flow improvement instantly..