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A772444MSSP-P22 Server Rack

Server Cabinet Assembly,
(NO POWER STRIPS) (KEYED # 303) (220V FANS and Cords) consisting of:

(1) 772444 Patented Aluminum Extruded Welded frame with (4) additional stiffeners for additional strength,(2) top and(2) bottom,aluminum corner castings, Floor Style 12 GA CRS Base, vented front and rear with welded and cleaned corners. O.D. I.D. Height-84.58" Height-77.09" Width-28.33" Width-24.09" Depth-47.545" Depth-44.00"

(1) SP7744-SPLIT -- Externally Removable Side Panels Priced per SET=(4) pieces,(2) on the left and (2) on the right

(1) PFT2444-2535220 - Pagoda Fan Top Panel with (2) 220V, 535 CFM fans, each have their own cord and IEC320 C14 plug, all corners are welded and cleaned, top panel is externally removable and is installed using closed cell foam to create a tight seal. 16 ga. CRS

(1) GD7724X -- Glass door with lockable swing handle, key # EK303, RIGHT HAND HINGE, and scuff plate for latch,12 ga.Trim strip with studs to hold glass clamp strips, 3M 2 WAY tape on both sides of glass, extra clamp strips for added strength, aluminum extruded welded frame with ¼" CLEAR tempered glass and aluminum corner castings

(1) SD7724 -- Solid Rear Door with lockable swing handle latch, key # EK303, RIGHT HAND Hinge, (1) Hat Section & document holder,16 GA.CRS

(2) VSB77 -- Vertical Support Bar with (6) holes to mount to stiffeners and Xties, one each located each side of the enclosure at the rear

(16) FCM2X5D-2 -- Fiber Cable Management bracket with door on 2" side and radius bends on top and bottom for Fiber Cabling and (2) pcs. of Velcro, one on each radius. Mount to VSB77 equally spaced top to bottom, (8) per side. Made of 14 ga. CRS

(1) TH100 -- Thermostat to control one fan, comes with mounting bracket and Lexan cover

(1) ADJ RAILKIT 7720-Adjustable Rail Kit with (4) "L" Shaped Vertical Mounting Rails with each "U" Marked with Small Hole Set 3" back from Front & 29.000" apart. Top and Bottom Welded Flanges.Front flange of all rails to be 1.165"

(4) "Z" Shaped Stiffening Brackets Approx. 50" Long that support the "L" Shaped Rail.

(28) 10-32 Pemnuts installed in "Z" Bracket (28) 10-32 Flathead Screws (28) 1/4-20 Spring Nuts (28) 1/4-20 x 1/2" Screws (24) 10-32 Spring Nuts in a plastic bag attached to rail-Used to secure vertical mounting rail to frame when 24"mounting is desired.

(3) HSB24-2--Horizontal Support Bar(double) made of 6061-T aluminum extrusion

(2) HSB04-2--Horizontal Support Bar (double) made of 6061-T aluminum extrusion

(1) VSR14-5R -- Pair of 5" Reducer Rails w/4 cable cutouts each, square mounting holes for M-6 Cagenuts, mounts to bottom crosstie and lower Stiffener. Mount just behind rear set of 77" rails

(1) M6-40 Hardware Pack

(1) CP4042-L -- Cushion Pallet, Luan on all sides,This pallet has the IPPC stamp and is approved for International Shipments.

Color: Frame and Base: Verdigris Sides and Doors: Patina