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Rack Helper

Mount Heavy Servers and UPS by yourself with Kendall Howards Rack Helper. Install the Rack Helper below the desired position for support.

Rack Helper


No more running around trying to find someone to help hold up your server or UPS while you attempt to line up the mounting holes and screw in the screws.

Unit supports over 200 lbs on top edge.

The Kendall Howard Patented Pending Rack™ Helper is a truly innovative product. This rack-mounted component makes installing heavy rackmount components a snap!

Simply install this device just below any heavy component. Then slide your component on top, attach with screws and you're finished.

Another excellent use is to help hold up long server chassis that do not rear-mount. Just attach the Rack Helper™ to the rear rail just under your server and your server isn’t going anywhere!

  Description Weight Capacity Dims. Price
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Rack Helper (KH-1924-1-001-02)
2u Rackmount Component for Supporting Install of Equipment
200 lbs