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LP-31 Series - UPS

Supplying information-quality power for your critical applications. Easy to install and service. Suits a variety of applications. (220-240V). Call 1-800-352-3361 for assistance in selecting your UPS.

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General Electric LP31 5-10kva  Series

Related Market:
Data Center, Telecom

LP 31 Series UPS- CE Listed (5 - 10kVA) - LP31T

The General Electric LP 31T Uninterruptible Power Supply Series is a high performance CE listed design which supplies critical applications with information-quality power. The LP 31T is based on General Electric's acclaimed LP 11 design. Quick to install and service, the LP 31T Series UPS is an ideal choice for a variety of applications and environments. Despite a modern design, this UPS is built to withstand industrial environments, yet operate quiet enough for an office environment. With GE's Redundant Parallel Architecture, the LP 31T Series power can be expanded by paralleling up to four units. This only enhances the systems reliability and creates redundant system eliminating single points of failure.

LP 31 Series UPS (5 - 10kVA) Features and Benefits:

  • 3-Phase input
  • 230/400V input
  • 45-65Hz input range
  • 94% nominal efficiency
  • 1-Phase output
  • 220/230/240V output
  • 50 or 60Hz output
  • 3-Phase input, 1-Phase output
  • True on-line double conversion

LP 31 Series UPS (5 - 10kVA) Specifications:

  • 5, 6, 8, 10 kVA
  • Optional SNMP and RS232 communications
  • Optional programmable dry contact outputs
  • CE listed
  • Optional external VRLA battery packs for extended runtimes
  • Easy to ready LCD display
  • PWM and IGBT inverter technology

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General Electric LP31 8-20 kva Series

Related Market:
Data Center, Telecom

LP 31 Series UPS - CE Listed (8 - 20kVA)

The LP31 Series UPS is a high performance platform supplying quality power for your critical applications. Easy to install and service, the LP31 Series UPS is ideal for multiple applications and environments. Built to withstand industrial environments, its modern design and quiet operation still allow for use in an office environment. General Electric's Superior Battery Management not only increase battery life, but protects it.

RS232 is provided as the standard for serial communication. SNMP card available as an option for network communication. The UPS is supplied with ECO mode which sets the UPS to operate at a higher efficiency. It achieves this by staying continuously on line in static bypass mode, transferring back to standard operation in microseconds if the utility fails. This ensures no risk or interruption to the protected load.

LP 31 Series UPS (8-20kVA) Features and Benefits:

  • 3-Phase input
  • Compact footprint and low noise - Easy to maneuver and install; suitable for installation even next to the user
  • Matching battery cabinets - Extended runtime for all models
  • Multi-language LCD display - Easy to read display showing UPS and battery status
  • Three phase in, single phase out - Also with paralleling capability for non-standard applications
  • Compliance to all safety and EMI standards - Third party CE certified
  • High reliability - >220,000 hours MTBF
  • Cold start - UPS can be started without utility present

LP 31 Series UPS (8-20kVA) Specifications:

  • Three Phase Input Voltages - 230-400V
  • Single Phase Output Voltages - 220/230/240V
  • Wide input voltage window - Minimizes battery use, prolongs battery life
  • Internal automatic bypass switch - Continuous power supply to the load even if the UPS is overloaded
  • 0.8 output power factor - Prevents the need to oversize the UPS
  • GE's unique Superior Battery Management - Ultimate protection for the UPS core component
  • High efficiency up to 94% (model dependent) - Using ECO mode, high efficiency and low losses
  • No load shutdown - Prevents deep battery discharge al low loads
  • Frequency conversion 50/60Hz - Operates as a frequency converter also operating in a parallel system

For help selecting the right UPS for your space
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