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Rack Rails Rackmount Fixed Rails & Rack Mounting Adapters - Dell PowerEdge/PowerApp 1550 Server

Rackmount Solutions has rackmount fixed rail mounting kits for the Dell PowerEdge/PowerApp 1550 server. Our rackmount rails are available for a range of configurations and we also offer adaptors and conversion kits. These high quality third party PowerEdge rackmount rails and mounting hardware suit round, threaded, and square hole mounting surfaces (check the specifications tables) and can be used with cable management systems.

Adapter PE 1550

Rackmount Rails and Adaptor for Dell PowerEdge/PowerApp 1550 server

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  • Dell PowerEdge 1550 Replacement Server Rail Kit
  • Allows rack mounting in 4 Post racks
  • Compatible with round holes, threaded holes, and square holes
  • Converts round holes to square holes at the front of the rack
  • Provides server and cable management attachment points
  • Allows the 1550 to slide out for maintenance

Made in America
RoHS Compliant

downloadPE1550 Instructions

Adapter PE1550 - Technical Info

Servers Dell PowerEdge 1550, PowerApp 120 Servers
Slide Rails This kit does not require any Dell mounting brackets.
Notes This kit is not required on Square Hole 4post racks with a mounting depth of 28.875" (722mm) to 29.875" (747mm) (such as Dell and Compaq racks)

Rack Compatibility - Server Racks (4 Post)

Rack Type 4 Post 19" Rack (Server Racks, Equipment Racks, Cabinet Racks, and Open Frame Racks)
Rack Width Standard 19" racks.  Meets EIA-310 requirements.  See the Reducer
Brackets for 23" and 24" racks.
Rack Depth Mounting depth range is 23.5" (597mm) to 30" (762mm) deep.
Square Hole Racks Compatible with the industry standard 3/8" (10mm) square hole racks.
Rack manufacturers including Dell, HP-Compaq, IBM, APC, etc.
Cage nuts included for square hole mounting.
Round Hole Racks Compatible with all standard round (non-threaded) holes.Rack
manufacturers including HP and IBM.
Threaded Racks Compatible with all standard threads including 10-32, 12-24, and Metric
M6.Rack manufacturers including Chatsworth, Shark, Great Lakes, Middle
Atlantic, Bud, etc.
  Description Price
Call 1-800-352-6631 1UKIT-105
1U Dell PE1550 Rail Adapter - One kit required per server